The tiny board that could.

High-end features and an elegant design crammed into a board that can fit in a coat pocket.

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Beyond the Typical

Equinox skips the plate to offer maximum flex.

The PCB is secured by its tabs from below by rubber gaskets directly to the case, earning the name of tabbed "gasket" PCB mount.

Compact and Classy

The winkeyless blockers have been implemented for a classic aesthetic, regardless of the board’s small footprint.

An internal weight adds sufficient mass for use at a desk, while the all-aluminum exterior provides durability on the go.

Current specs

- 6° typing angle
- Case material TBD
- 17.25mm front height
- QMK PCB designed by ai03 with VIA support
- Backlight & Underglow LED support 
- Optional CF plate will be available during GB; plate file to be open-sourced
- Brass internal "weight" (Sandblasted & Coated)
- Weight: 740g fully assembled
- Case colors: TBD
- Cost: TBD
- GB Date: TBD
- Vendor: Cannonkeys

Layout Compatibility