A mix of open-source and closed-source projects.

The Voyager PCB Project

Open-source keyboard PCBs for various form factors.

Versatile options for any occasion.

Remove the hassle of reinventing the wheel by using a Voyager PCB in your future keyboard design projects.

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A compact, durable refresh for the Apple Extended Keyboard.

4mm thick integrated plate, with a curvature which matches the original AEK keycaps.

Credits for the photo goes to Reconsiderit of Switchplate Peripherals.

Geekhack ThreadSwitchplate Peripherals

The Orbit Project

A high-end ergonomic keyboard.

Top-mounted plate, backlighting, and a smooth, curved design.

Open-source PCB forked from the crkbd.

Info for buyers - Coming soonPCB Repository

Keyboard Wiki @

A mech keyboard wiki with information both for consumer and designers.

An instance of BookStack.



A one-off keyboard.

A mix of modern and retro.

Possible sales in future


A hot-swappable UT47.

Commission for KeyHive.

Inspired by's Gnap.

KeyHive GB TBA Source Gnap Source


A very wide keyboard.

Coming soon.

Case to be produced by Laser_Ninja.

Purchasing info coming soon


An extremely low cost ortholinear keyboard.

Both the PCB and case files are open-sourced. Enjoy some DIY for dirt cheap.

The kit was sold through Cartel, and their website offers info for assembly and programming.

PCB Repo Case Repo Cartel Product Page

ai03 Plate Generator

An automated tool for generating mechanical keyboard plates.

Avoids float rounding errors, 50-decimal place precision for extreme accuracy.

Reduce your keyboard designing time significantly by automating your plate design process.



A KiCad library of mechanical keyboard footprints.

Various footprints for various occasions, based on official datasheets.

Top-side soldermask covers the pads for improved aesthetics.



USB Type-C connector KiCad library.

Includes some connectors suited for DIYers, being capable of being handsoldered.



Depending on how much free time I have, I can take commissions.

Capabilities: Both case and PCB keyboard design, whether one-off or mass production.

Other minor contributions

Project Name Scope Link
Southpaw Fullsize PCB Only Geekhack Thread
03Mini-EX Replacement PCB for 22Mini-EX -
i1 Case internals -
Ion Jubi Small portion of case design -