The KBD67 has been redesigned for a refined experience at an accessible price point.

Top-mounted internals and hotswap options makes this board perfect for every occasion.

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Refined Look

The original KDB67's aesthetics have been retained while being improved throughout.

A flush USB-C connector and improved weight bring pleasing renovations over the original.

Overhauled Internals

The plate mount structure has been changed from bottom mount to top mount, positively influencing sound and feel.

The typing angle has been increased slightly without increasing overall board height.

A Board for All

Both hotswap and solderable PCB and plate options are available to choose based on skill level.

The KBD67 MKII is the perfect choice as an entry board, switch testing and break-in unit, or portable board.

Current specs

Case weight: 800g
Dimensions: 313 x 108 x 29mm
Typing angle: 6 degrees Case material: Aluminum (case halves), brass (weight and plate)

Hotswap PCB features:
- Per-key RGB
- RGB Underglow
- USB Type C

Soldered PCB features:
- In-switch backlighting
- Flex slot cutout
- USB Type C
- ESD and overcurrent protection