Prism 2-in-1 Switch Opener

Elegant on the desk, efficient in your hands.

The Prism switch opener combines the 2-in-1 opening teeth from the keychain switch opener with a unique, larger design that is easier to grip.

Product Page

The Switch Modding Multitool

Countless prototypes were made to ensure that the single switch opener can open a wide variety of switches, including Cherry MX-style 4-clip, larger Panda-style housings, and 2-clip Kailh-style variants.

An Elegant Solution

The unique geometry of the Prism opener provides grip in the hand, while also serving as an artful object on the desk when not in use.

Magnetic closure protects the opener’s teeth from damaging nearby objects.


Size: Roughly 50 x 43 x 30mm (15mm height per half)
Weight: 110g
Material: Aluminum, anodized
- Black
- Silver
- Burgundy Red
- Blue Grey
- Rose Gold
- Olive Green
- Purple